All about RUDRAKSHA – रुद्राक्ष

RUDRAKSHA – रुद्राक्ष

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( Rudra  – Shiva, Aksha – tear drop )    

Rudraksha is a sacred fruit of the Eliocarpus Ganitus tree that has huge spiritual value and influence to the people especially following Hinduism as well as Buddhism religion and those who are more inclined to Lord Shiva.

Generally, the 108 Rudraksha mala is worn by the strict followers of Lord Shiva. 18 of Hindu Ancient Scripts has suggested that Rudraksha gives positive vibes to our body and mind.

Rudraksha is grown in Nepal, India, Burma, Indonesia, Thailand etc. as these plants love moderate climatic conditions. Among these countries the best varieties of the Rudraksha are found in Nepal around Arun Valley region that’s why the Rudraksha beds (Malas) are expensive of Nepal comparative of other countries.


Best Rudrakshs = Round Shape, Thorny outer surface, Natural hole in middle and holes on the outer surface.

Temperature –  15C – 30C.

Climate – Moderate climate, where there is no snowfall and very less frost environment. Best place it grows at Arun Valley Nepal

         Propagation Methods

  • Seeds propagation is only possible


If you want the plants plz comment below where and how many you want !!!


  • Grafting method gives negative result



Soil Condition

Neither acidic nor basic soil. A neutral soil is considered simply good for the plants. Compost should be used to fertilize instead of artificial fertilizers.



 Rudraksha main stem should be pruned once when it is around 8 – 10ft tall. This will help the tree grow number of new branches and the plant will be wider than becoming vertical long one. If the rudraksha plant has multiple branches from beginning that will better yield fruit.


Mukhi (Faces)

17 Mukhi / Faced
5 Mukhi / Faced
3 Mukhi / Faced


Faces of Rudrakhs can range from 1 – 21 know till now. 4 faces mean there are four holes in it or four seeds inside it.



They can be measured in millimeters but in lay man language the size varies form a pea grain size to a walnut size. The pea size rudraksha are more expensive compared to large regular size rudraksha.


Ancient Mythology on Rudraksha

 Demon Tripura had made havoc on planet earth and the peoples were suffering a lot because of him. Even all the gods collectively couldn’t get rid of him so all the gods went to Lord Shiva for the help to kill him. Than lord Shiva meditated for 1000 years and obtaining Aghora Shastra –  while opening/closing his eyes tear dropped off Lord Shiva eyes and the sacred tree of Rudraksh grew up. Since then the fruit of it (“Rudraksha”)  is believed to have huge spiritual value and it also possesses huge positive energy and power which can change one’s life.


Benefits of Wearing Rudraksha

Rudraksha: A shield against negative energies and brings positive vibes to one’s body and mind.

These days a lot of research are also going on regarding Rudraksha out of which some done in earlier time are as follows:

1980 1st research made in Indian University on Rudraksha showed some electromagnetic properties.

In 2001 a research in India showed Rudraksha

  •          Lowers Blood Sugar Leve,
  •          Reduces the blood pressure,
  •          Anti-inflammatory activities,
  •          Memory enhancement
  •          Balances mind and empowers to new height,
  •          Better sleep


Various Faced Rudraksha –

1 Mukhi / Faced
18 Mukhi / Faced
15 Mukhi / Faced
10 Mukhi / Faced
5 Mukhi / Faced

There are number of faces in Rudraksh varying form one mukhi to 21mukhi till now know among us. The mukhi means the faces which means symbolically the number of seeds contained in the Rudraksha just like a 5 mukhi Rudraksha has 5 seeds packed in five compartments inside it and 7 mukhi has 7 seeds and similarly the other too the same way. The rarest and the most valuable is considerd as 1 mukhi which is hardly anywhere except in Pashupati nath Temple in Nepal, that too no one has seen ever and other most expensive Rudraksha are 21, 20, 19, 18, mukhis and lower mukhi. 2,3 mukhis are also expensive where as the most common Rudraksha are 5 & 6mukhis.


How to know Genuine Rudraksha !!! 


Getting a genuine Rudraksha might be difficult for the new people. Since the demand of the Rudraksha is so high in the market so negative people have started making fake Rudraksha for the earning. That causes genuine people in trouble. Sometime people might get negative energy flow in them because of fake Rudraksha.  So once should be careful while getting Rudraksha. Here are some ways to know Fake and real  Rudraksha.


Fake Rudraksha

  • Piece of wood carded and colored to resemble like Rudraksha.
  • Plastic made Rudraksha
  • Wooden made Rudraksha with a metal ball inside so that it can pass sinking in water test.
  • Carving more number of lines on the outer face of real Rudraksha to make more number of faces and selling in expensive prices.
  • Undeveloped, Artificially joined, Partially formed Rudraksha has flooded the market.
  • But the best part of Rudrakhs is that out of all fake style and similar appearance the fake people cannot change the internal structure of Rduraksha that is how we can differenciate the Rudraksha.

Real Rudraksha

  •  X-Ray is done to prove the originality of the Rudraksha.

  • CT Scan can be done for more faced Rudraksha because just a normal X-ray cannot sometime distinguish clearly all the compartments.
  • There is a Central natural hole in the Rudraksha  
  • There are number of holes and spikes on the outher surface of the Rudraksha one should check them.     
  • There is natural husk present on the outer cover which can be scratched and removed.


Ripen Rudraksha                          Removing cover                        After dried husk can be seen


Breaking the Myth

Rudraksha has positive energy for all mankind. It is written in – Shrimadevi Bhagwatam – that the following people can also use Rudraksha mala.

  • Non vegetarian
  • Alcohol consumers
  • Sinned people

There is no restriction but after wearing one should be careful of one’s act thus it will bring change in human life.

Lady cannot wear Rudraksha – It is written in Shree Shivam Mahapuranam   that a regardless of color, sex, age all can wear Rudraksha.

Buying Rudraksha

  • Buying Rudraksha is not just buying a piece of wood it literally means buying faith and sentiments.  So come with us so that you will not have to regret later.

Plant price

Below 1 ft – Nrs 350

Ht 1 ft  – Nrs 550

Ht 2 ft – Nrs 750

Ht 3 ft – Nrs 950

Ht 4ft – Nrs 1100


If you want the plants plz comment below where and how many you want !!!

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