Information about the Garden Beauty Azalea flower

Everything on Garden’s Beauty: Azalea Flower

As a relevant flowering shrub, Azalea is the genus of Rhododendron, which is a remarkable example of a decorative plant for the Garden. Azalea blooms at the temperature of the Northern and Southern Hemisphere in springtime. Azalea is also known as a Royal Gardens Plant.

Let’s hear and learn more about the Garden Plant Azalea Flower, along with its types and some basic method to grow it. Most of all, its toxicity and cultural signification. 



With the motive of love and gentleness, the Azalea flowers are funnel-shaped and two-lipped.

Talking about its growing capacity, Azalea is a slow mature plant that blooms eight months a year. Best grown in well-drained acidic soil; thus, it needs less fertilizer. 


Being popular among the gardeners, Azaleas is the native of several countries and continents, including Asia, Europe, Japan, and Korea. Also, there are over 1000 types of Azalea and over 800 species.


Cultural significance and symbolism of Azalea flower

Also known as the Royal flower of the Garden, Azalea has a wide range of beautiful and notoriously vibrant colors. Among Chinese culture, Azalea is highly famous for “thinking of home bush” or Xixiang shu. And also as the symbol of “Sao Paulo” of Brazil.

Azalea bloom is celebrated as a festival in Nezu Jinja (Japan), Ma On Shan place in Hong Kong, and many more in cities in the USA.

In the last time, both Azalea and rhododendrons were also got known for toxicity.


Is Azalea Flower Poisonous?

Moving towards the point of toxicity, Azalea Flower contains a harmful toxic poison andromedotoxin, that can lead the consumer towards violation of the cheek tissues. The poison is mainly formed in the leaves and nectar of the Azalea.

As we presume, death may occur by consuming the honey and nectar produced from the flower. Azalea is harmful to humans as it gives 3 to 6 hrs pain in the stomach, blurred vision, vomiting, irregular heart rhythms, and low blood pressure.

Azalea can also be harmful to cats and dogs, leading to similar consequences, including diarrhea, difficulty walking, loss of appetite, and abnormal heartbeat.


How to care for Azalea Flowers?

The information is needed to grow the Azalea flower for your garden by choosing the best variety of Azalea plants among the 800 spices.  Here, we have presented some primary methods for planting the Azalea flower in the most pleasing way.

1. As usual, all plants need soil, water, and sun to grow. Nevertheless, to grow azalea plant seeds and the excellent location for planting is the most needed thing.

2. The right spot for the Azalea seed is where the first hour’s sunlight and the last sunshade are exposed.

3. As a high well-drained acidic soil, Azalea might need some aluminum sulfur or amendments in the soil if the pH is above the scale of 6.

4. After planting it in a fixed place, water the plant every day in the starting hours of the morning. However, the high consistency of water can make Azalea soil mushy, which assists in root diseases.

5. By taking care of your Azalea plant carefully, giving them sufficient nutrients and care, the plant blooms with a warm and beautiful flower.


How to propagate Azalea?

Azaleas can be propagated by seeds, grafting, cutting, or air layering. However, the most popular method among gardeners is cutting.

– Cut pencil-sized branch with a cutting knife. The lower end of the cutting should be straight while the upper end should have a slanted cut, to prevent accumulation of water which may cause fungal infection.

– Then, remove all the leaves and flower buds from the lower two-third portion of the cutting.

– Now, the cutting can be dipped in the rooting hormone or it can be skipped and directly placed on the high nutrient medium.

– Regular watering should be done. Also, place them in a place where the full sun can be obtained.

– Rooting will start within 1-2 months and they can be transplanted outdoor after 3 months.


How to grow Azalea indoor?

Growing the Azalea flower indoor, soil moisture might be the greatest thing to take care of. Plant the Azalea flower in a large pot. Furthermore, by putting a consistent amount of soil and sufficient water for the plant daily.

As an outdoor habitat plant, the Azalea flower lives in the shade of high trees in cool filtered sun. The plant can survive at a consistent temperature of around 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit.


Varieties of Azalea Flower

Entitled as the Royal flower of Garden, Azalea holds different species throughout the world which have been hybrid for many decades. However, Azalea is evergreen and momentary plant. Below are included ten varieties of the Azalea flowers, which are commonly found.

a. White Evergreen Azalea 

This white-growing beauty of spring is found in the eastern region. An evergreen white Azaleas flower or White Tsutsuji Rhododendron is round-shaped with 2 to 5 inches long. As a beauty of nature, it comprises seven species.


b. Pink Azalea 

Pink Azalea or Rhododendron Periclymenoides is known for its revolutionary way of handling cold climates. As per its height, it is around 6 to 12 inches long with funnel-shaped flowers.


c. Flame Azalea

Flame Azalea or Rhododendron calendulaceum is commonly grown in the mountain region in the late summer. Standing at a height range of 10 to 15 inches and 8 to 10 wide, it is famous as a high severity poison plant.


d. Purple Azalea

Belonging in the Ericaceae family, Purple Azalea is the symbolic title of nobility and royalty. Purple Azalea is commonly found in the eastern part of the USA, in zones 4 to 9. It blooms from April to May.


e. Red Red Azalea 

Rhododendron Red Red is an evergreen broadleaf plant with a bright red flower. Red Red flower blooms in May and stands at the height of 2 to 3 feet. It mainly attracts the hummingbird and butterflies. As the rest of the azalea plant, it is a single funnel-shaped flower with a zone of 5 to 8.


f. Yellow Azalea 

With the scientific name Rhododendron luteum, the Yellow azalea flower is the evergreen shrub with simple leaves. This azalea flower has a dense, bright yellow color. Like other Azalea flowers, its growth rate is up to 4 meters tall and 5 cm wide.


g. Orange Azalea 

Also known as Florida flame azalea, Orange Azalea, has the scientific name Rhododendron Austrinum and it is found in the native of the southern United States. Moreover, this species of Azalea can mature up to 10 feet in height and 8 feet wide.


i. Plum leaf Azalea

As the latest native of the Azalea family, Plum leaf Azalea is a funnel-shaped flower that can grow up to 8 to 10 feet and 6-8 feet wide. Plum leaf is also the award winner of the Rhododendron of the Year in 2011.


j. Western Azalea

Determined by its name Western Azalea or Rhododendron Occidentale is the native species of western North America. This Azalea flower has a growing capacity of 5 meters in height, 3 to 9 meters long, and 1 to 3 meters broad.


Thus, azalea flowers can be a beautiful addition to your garden to complement with its vibrant colors. 

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Happy Gardening!

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