Different Ways of Using Pine Trees

Pine might sound an ordinary plant to use but if you explore the hidden properties of pine you will be blown away. Scroll below for quick information. 

Pine trees are native plant to northern hemisphere with over 200 species present around the world.
Most of the pine species prefer acidic soil but it varies according to species.
Excellent source of food and medicine but, haven’t gained popularity as expected.
The Native Americans taught early American settlers about it uses.
Have multiples medicinal properties such as antiseptic, toxin removal, cleansing skin, etc.
For germination: 25°C (best) for natural growth.
For growth of sapling: 15 to 20°C (best) for natural growth.


How to distinguish Pine from other conifers

By the help of needle

1)  Needles bundled in cluster of 1-6 or most commonly 2-5 in pine.                                               

2) Most pine species possesses long needles.

Scales on cone: Pine-cone scales are woody in nature, with a rigid feel.


Different ways of using Pine trees

1. Pine Nuts as Salad or Meal

  • All pine nuts are edible. But some are too small i.e difficult to separate outer cover.
  • Large cone might have small seeds too.

  • Pick the cone as they turn brown (but before they open) and place it in dry warm location.
  • As they dry they will drop seeds.


2. Powdered Inner Bark (Cambium) in Soups and Making pine cookies.

  • Air-dry cambium and put it in oven (200 degree) for about 20-30 minutes.
  • Roughly chop it in blender.
  • Grind in coffee-grinder to obtain fine powder.

  • Used in soups, breads and other recipes.
  • Pine cookies– adding half oats and half cambium powder i.e. pine flour.
  • Multiple health benefits such as boosting anti-oxidant, improve erectile dysfunctions, cure common cold, protect skin from sun damage, decrease bad-cholesterol level and many more.


3. Pine Needle tea 

  • Gently crush the needles and boil 1 cup of water.
  • Pour boiled water over the crushed needles and enjoy your tea.
  • You could use lemon if you want.

  • High in vitamin C and Vitamin A.
  • Treat Scurvy and cough, relieve chest congestion, improve red-blood cell production, improve eyesight, hair and skin regeneration.


4. Pine Needle Household Cleaner

  • Prepare pine-needle infused vinegar.
  • Mix it with baking soda and castile soap. 

  • Effective natural household cleaner with mesmerizing scent.
  • But be careful with its weak disinfectants properties. So, mix it with little amount of disinfectants (liquid form) for best results.


5. Pine Crafts

  • Available in different types such as yellow, sugar and whites.
  • Softwood– For furniture
  • Pine cones: example: DIY pine-cone crafts (crafts for kid).

  • Pine needle: Pine needle baskets, pine needle wreath, pine needle tassels and paint brush.
  • Many crafts for kids play.


6. Natural Pine Oil

  • Obtained by the steam distillation of stumps, needles, twigs and cones.
  • Contain multiple chemical compounds that make them so powerful.
  • Should not be ingested directly.

  • Many medicinal uses- Aromatherapy, skin-antimicrobial, reduced inflammation and air-fresheners.
  • Used a diffuser or apply it topically and add some to your bath.


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