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Almonds Plants Introduction 

  1. Height – 10’ – 15’ tall and 30cm thick trunk
  2. Flowers – some are of pink variety and some white variety with 5 petals. Some variety need to be pollinated (California variety, Queen of Almonds) and some variety of almonds are self-pollinators (Independence almonds).
  3. Leaves – 3-5 inches’ long
  4. Watering and adding compost should be done even when it is not producing fruits
  5. Fruiting – early to be 4-5 years depending on the variety of the almond
  6. When they grow they have green stems, when they grow up they become brownish.


Where almonds grow

  1. Generally for non commercial purposes it can be grown anywhere in the below temperature range but the best Climate is Mediterranean climate where summers are longer than winter and the winter is very mild.
  2.          The best temperature to grow almonds is from 15 and 30 °C (15 and 30 °C)
  3.          Price $4/pound or NRs 1500/kilogram.
  4.          Soil can be sandy, clay soil or it can be moisture of both with humus too.
  5.        Almonds love the acidic soil. The pH can be 6.5. But if the soil is alkaline or the normal one almonds can grow in there too.


Fruiting time

  1.         The fruits of the almonds began to split open exposing the almond shells. The almonds shells.
  2.         The harvest season for the almonds is from August to October


Pruning Almond Trees

  1. Pruning should be done when the almond plant is in dormant phase of its life.
  2. Pruning should be done in second fruiting season when the yield will be comparatively lesser then earlier harvest.
  3. Pruning for the almond tree is important for the better yield.
  4. The dead branches and the extra branches around the base of the plants need to be removed for better air play inside the tree branches and better light entry.
  5. Remove extra sucker’s growth from the plant.


Yield of Almond trees

  1. An adult plant produces 20 pounds in one season.
  2. An almond plant lives up-to 20-25 years. The almond trees are alternate bearing. Lager crop one year is followed by a lighter crop next year.


Benefits of almonds

  1. Considered as brain food as it helps in preserving longer memory.
  2. Lowers blood sugar levels
  3. Reduced blood pressure
  4. Lowers cholesterol levels
  5. High in antioxidants which help in preserving the skin cells from damaging.
  6. Almonds can be eaten raw as well as roasted.
  7. They contain fats, no cholesterol, protein, omega 3, high amount of calcium, fiber, vitamin E,
  8. A total of 150 calories from 20 almonds.


How to plant almonds commercially?

  1.          Plants can be planted at a distance of 18’X22’ at 110 trees per acre.

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