Grow apple plant the fastest way at home

apple plants

The quickest way to grow apple plant at home.

Take any kind of well matured apples.

Preferably take apples that are of on going seasons to get best result. It not available just take apples that are available in market.

Collect as many seeds of apple as possible. Preferably not less than 25-30 seeds. As they have less possibilities of growth.

Dip the seeds in water and keep them in any cup available. It can be plastic, foam, aluminium any thing available.

Keep them at the window. You don’t have to worry about any thing. The warmth of sun give the seeds energy to germinate.

Change water once in 4-5 days by checking if the water is dirty or not.

Once the seeds grow roots around 2-3 inches then they are ready to grow in soil.

Soil composition

  • Peat moss and pearl light
  • Coco peat –
  • Grden soil + compost –

Mature plant soil composition


  • They need well-drained soil where water doesn’t hold for long time.
  • Soil pH close to 7
  • Remove all the weeds

Growing pots

  • Plastic cup – make 4-5 hole underneath
  • Styrofoam cup – make 4-5 hole underneath
  • Juice bottle – make 4-5 hole underneath

Gently place the seedlings in the cup and place them at the sunny side of the window.

Window is the best place to grow the seedlings.

One must be careful with the seedlings and never let the seedlings get dry. If they get dry the seedlings cannot expand out of the cover and if the don’t became able to grow out of the cover in time they start decaying inside the seed coat. So always keep the seedlings moist.

After 2 weeks the seeds should start showing roots and 2 primary seeded leaves.

After 4 weeks few leaves can be seen and in 10-12 weeks they grow enough tall which can be transplanted into bigger pot for further growth.

Best temperature for apple tree to grow is

  • Hight  90°F / 32°C
  • Low 45°F / 7°C

It generally take 5-7 years to start fruiting from seeds grown plant and the yield may very due to climatic and soil conditions.

Once the plants reaches 7-9 inches tall plant them in the sunny spot of back yard.


  • Leaf growth, Flowering and fruiting  – Nitrogen and potassium very important
  • Strengthening roots  – Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus

Common type of fungal disease that affects plant is Powdery Mildew


  • after flowering a lot of young fruits appear in the tree
  • Infected fruits, improper growing fruits should be removed
  • After the thinning of fruits the leftover fruits will grow in a healthy way.
  • To get the best apples there is a short harvest period. Generally during October most of the harvest is done.

Apple bonsai is new fashion in the town.

People keep the plants grown in 2ft – 5ft tall pots.

But maintaining suitable balance of light and temperature is a challenge.



  • Commercially growing  – apple trees must be choosen form the grafted plants for best yield.
  • For household purpose apple trees can be grown form the seeds.
  • The seeds grown apple trees are vulnerable to disease. So if you  grow few plants at home we can take care of them but if hundreds of plants were grown it difficult.


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