Grow Sugarcane – Unique Way


Unique way – simplest way.

  • Cut a node or muntiple node
  • Dip in water and watch the roots comming out.
  • Now plant them in garden.

Plantation Season

  • During late summer or early fall or just for non-commercial purpose or for home use you can plant them any time of the year. It doesn’t require a lot of attention or maintenance for its growth. It can be easily grown.

Planting in plastic bag or container 

  • Fill the bag/container  with soil
  • plant the Sugarcane
  • water it as per required by plant checking the dryness of soil.
  • Use some compost for better growth.


  • Found in grocery or in any Asian store. 

Selecting of sugarcane before purchase

  • Select long, thick stem, full of small nodes. 

How much is enough for a single family

  • A single sugarcane stick can produce enough sugarcane over a year of time. 

Soil type

  • It can grow in sandy soil and clay soil.
  • Best grows in fertile soil with well drainage in it.
  • pH of soil – 6.5 best for it.


  • Split in such a size where there are a least 2-3 nodes or sprouts on each stem. Leaves should be remove for the faster growth of the nodes.


  • Low – 15C
  • hight – 45C
  • In green house it can grow in within in a year in greenhouse of tempt 30C

Technique of planting

  • Make a row in ground about a quarter feet dip place it inside and cover with soil and that is ready.
  • Plant the sugarcane in such a place where the growth of sugarcane will not disturbed the beauty of your home. You can plant them at the corner of your home or also in the container. The container plant may yield less sugarcanes in compare to grown in the garden. 

Distance and stick length






The sugarcane should be made 8-10cm or length can vary based on   2-3 nodes in each piece. They should be planted 75-90cm of distance in between each stick and 50cm between two rows for better growth and better yield of sugarcane.

Do not plant them vertical.

  • You can plant them vertical if there is a single node like I have shown in the video. Please have a look over the video. 

Water Drainage

  • Proper water drainage should be there otherwise the sugarcane might rot and no plant can grow. 
  • Within few day you will start to see the sugarcane growing the sprouts. For the faster growth of the sugarcane you can go with the dipping water method. Check the video to know how to grow through water method. 

In April May shoots will start to grow.

  • The bushes around the sugarcane need to be cleaned and removed for the better growth of the plant. They will gorw remarkably in couple of months which will turn into number of young sugarcanes.

 By the end of the summer the sugarcanes will be ready to be harvested and one can be surprised by his own sugarcanes. 

  • If the summer is longer you can leave the plant ot grow more taller
  • If the summer is short just harvest your sugarcane within the September as the growth is already stopped.


  • Nitrogen-rich fertilizer
  • Can be chicken manure
  • Or you can use the compost instead for the better yield.
  • No need to fertilize thought the year just fertilize once when the sugarcane is sprouting. Because the fertilizer will make the roots strong and thick so that the plant will be strong and yield more in the fall.

Weeds and dying leaves 

  • Weeding regularly so that the new sprouts will get the way out. It just spread in the ground where is gets good soil. 

Once planted it will live for many years. 

  • Dying leaves should be removed time and again to keep the plant healthy.
  • A larger sugarcane plant will removes its weed by itself but in the beginning we need to weed out the sugarcane.

Disease – Fungal / root rot may occure. 

  • If it is noticed remove the portion where it has occurred to prevent the plant from further damage

Cutting the sugarcane 

  • just cut the sugarcen form 1-2 nodes above the growund which will help the plant to grow further peripherial plants more.
  • Don’t use the knife  in the ground to cut sugarcens because the roots can be cut down and the plant can die.
  • Leave the young ones and harves the thinck and strong sugarcane. The young ones will turn in thinck big one in the following year at early stage. 


  • Making syrups of sugarcen
  • Making sugar
  • For home use as a fruit.
  • For gifts

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