Marijuana plant and how to grow it at your home?

Learn about Marijuana plant and how to grow Marijuana plant at home in a simple way

cannabis indoor planting

The Effects of Marijuana have been misrepresented or exaggerated by peoples but there are also various benefits of Marijuana. Let’s find out what are its benefits and also learn how to grow it at your home in this article. 


Cannabis commonly known as Marijuana plant is perhaps the most popular and widely recognizable plant all over the world. It is believed that Marijuana plants originated or native to India or Central Asia. Marijuana plant has its various uses such as medicinal, recreational and spiritual purposes. Marijuana plants have both mental and physical effects due to which they are the most commonly used illegal drug in the world though they are legal in some countries like various states in USA, Uruguay, Canada, Georgia, South Africa . It can be consumed in different methods such as Smoking, Vaporizing, Edibles, Capsules, etc. Marijuana plants can be grown both indoor and outdoor under favorable conditions. We will be learning how to grow marijuana indoor at home (for educational purpose).

Climatic Conditions

  • Marijuana plants need some favorable climatic conditions to flourish.
  • For marijuana plants to grow properly, temperature should be maintained between 24°C – 30°C.
  • If the temperature is not kept between these values it might affect the growth potential of plants.
  • Cool, dry and regions with fresh air movement are highly recommended for growing Marijuana plants.
  • Optimal humidity must be labeled 40%RH-60%RH. Irrigation and Watering must be done adequately.



  • Marijauna plant is a dioecious plant i.e. it is either male or female plant species.
  •    Male Plant produce flower
  •  Female Marijuana plant
  • Cross fertilization takes place in Marijauna plant.
  • Generally, these plants grow tall reaching upto 4 meters.
  • Marijauna plant can also be grown indoors through the use of hydroculture.
  • It also has the potential of Vegatative Propagation.


Soil Type

The cannabis plant needs dry, and loose soil. The combination of normal soil, coco peat and perlite combination is perfect for the healthy growth of the plant. The coco peat can hold the water 2x its weight thus making it ideal for growing plants. The perlite is used for making the soil much more loose and dry.

cocopeat, perlite soil compositionCocopeat and pear light mix as a growing medium 

Planting Techniques

The plan takes around 6 to 8 months to fully grow from seeds

Get a few cannabis seeds and soak in the bowl of water for a day.cannabis seeds soaked in water


After that transfer them onto a paper towel. Spray some water to keep the towel moist. This will enhance sprouting. 

cannabis seeds wrapped in paper towel


Wrap the paper towel so it can nicely fit inside a zip lock bag. Make sure the seeds don’t move around during germination and keep the paper towel moist if they seem dry.

cannabis seeds in zip lock bag


Check the seeds regularly, around a week and a half, you can see the seeds beginning to sprout i.e the cannabis seeds now can be transferred into a pot or container for further growth.

cannabis seeds sprouting on a paper towel cannabis seeds sprouting


Plant the seeds root first in the pot filled with growing medium, dry soil and spray some water. The pot should also contain holes at the bottom for drainage.

planting cannabis


With infrequent watering, you can see the plant growing after a couple of weeks. Make sure the environment is clean and sanitized. The cannabis plant is incredibly vulnerable to pests and diseases at this stage. They also begin to develop small leaves.

early stage cannabis plants


Within 4-5 months, you can observe the plant is growing massive in size. This is normal behavior for this plant. At this stage, the plant needs a lot of water to continue growing. Make sure to transplant the plant into a bigger pot if the pot begins to show weakness against the plant’s size.

2-3 months old cannabis

Everything from temperature, air humidity and lights must be maintained at this stage for the plant’s optimal growth and the yield.

Finally between 6-8 months, the plant reaches its final Stage. You can check the sex of the plant by investigating the nodes ( the point from which the branch extends fro the stem). Male plants have pollen sacs while the females have a stigma to catch the pollen.

For optimal harvest make sure the male plants don’t pollinate, so the females can grow strong and big. Separate them if you must.

Planting Strategies

Opt for a large cool, dry area for growing cannabis, a tent can be used for small production. Make sure the area is clean, sanitized, and has enough room for the lights, fan and the plants to grow especially when they are grown indoors. These plants can grow twice their size during their younger period of growth. 

indoor cannabis planting process


These plants needs to be under constant observation, and maintain everything from temperature, air to the lights.

If you are planning to plant them indoors, they can be grown in a large container that can handle the plant’s size. The container must contain holes for optimum drainage. 

Either LED or HID grow lamps can be used for lighting. LED lamps run on lower temperature, produce better yield compared to HID grow lamps, however, they’re much more expensive.

cannabis indoor planting


These plants need a lot of air, thus a fan needs to be constantly running by their side.


Using Liquid Fertilizers

Indoor growing is challenging. Maintaining temperature, light condition and water is very crucial for best yield from this plant.  Below are the list of general hydroponics for indoor gardening. One should use the composition of the hydroponics according to the age of the plant.

Floral Grow

Floral Bloom

Cal Mag (Calcium & Magnesium)

Floral Micron nutrients




Both the lights and the temperature should be automated. Make sure not to stress the plant by giving too much of light or hydroponics nutrients. In general 12-16 hours of light is ok in the beginning. But during the flowering stage only 8-10 hours of light is better fo max yield. 

Distinguishing Sex

The cannabis plant can be distinguished into Male plant and Female Plant. You should always focus on the growth of the female cannabis plant, because that is where all the money is. So how do you distinguish between them, we will show you how


The Male plants have pollen sacs at the nodes. The nodes are the points from which the branch extends from the stem.

make cannabis plant

Male Cannabis Plant

On the other hand, Female cannabis plants have stigma at the nodes. These stigmas are there for to catch pollen grains from the male cannabis plants.

cannabis plant

The real reason why female and male cannabis plants must be separated is that pollination can hamper the growth of the female plant. So if the male plants do get pruned or separated, the female plants can grow much larger in size. the yield becomes much better.

Pests and diseases

The cannabis plant is vulnerable to pests and diseases at an early stage. The fungus is a common pest for plants, so make sure to keep the surrounding area clean. If the fungus does appear, you can prune them.

cannabis fungus


Health Benefits

Recently many countries has legalized medical marijuana. Some of its benefits are :

  • Marijuana plants are considered as relief of chronic pain.
  • It helps to reduce the weight of the human body significantly.
  • Diabetes can be regulated or prevented.
  • It helps to fight cancer.
  • Depression, anxiety and stress can be reduced.
  • These plants deal with the pain of arthritis.


Health Risks

  • Mental health problems can occur due to excessive use of Marijuana.
  • The use of Marijuana is likely to increase the risk of psychosis and schizophrenia.
  • Growth of testicular cancer is likely to occur.
  • Chances of addiction towards it are increased.
  • It causes a “high” or stoned feeling.
  • Consumption of Marijuana increases the heart rate as well as makes an impact on breathing.

Interesting Fun Facts

  • Legalizing Marijuana would generate $8.7 billion in federal and state tax revenue per year.
  • It is considered a drug in North Korea.
  • Worldwide, California was the first U.S state to ban Marijuana.
  • Uruguay became the first country to make it legal to grow, consume and sell Marijuana in the world.
  • It is rumored that World’s popular poet William Shakespeare may have smoked Marijuana.
  • First-ever E-commerce transaction was Marijuana.


Check video for growing Marijuana at home:



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