Must know before growing Pomegranates



  • Pomegranate flowers has both male(pollen) and female(overt) that’s why it is called perfect flower.
  • In 2-3 years it’s starts bearing its few fruits.
  • grow in cups
  • Can be made bonsai and
  • Bears thorns
  • Bloom twice(almost everywhere) or even thrice(California)a year giving if the temperature warm enough for them. Which eventually leads to fruits.
  • Direct sunlight up to 8 hours a day gives best result.
  • Any kind of soli works.
  • Sienevyi, Parfianka, some of best variety of pomegranates
  • South Asia, Middle East, Mediterranean and some place of California, Arizona are best for its production.
  • Love nitrogen rich fertilizers that helps in growth of foliage, flowers and fruits
  • Rich in Vitamins C and abundance of antioxidants which helps to prevent free radicals and develops immunity power too.
  • 250 gm/ml contains 136 calories.

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