Peach Plant and how to grow peach plant at home?

Any dilemma on selection of fruit plant with pure perfection on maturity. Here, the peach is for you. Then let’s learn on how to plant, grow and harvest peaches effectively on your home garden!

peach plant peach fruits

Eat the fruit of happiness and be happy, make your life joyful by growing a Peachtree in your garden in a few easy steps.



Peach is a fruit tree originated from Northwest China and Tarim basin that commonly grows throughout the warmer temperate regions. The fruit is edible and very juicy one. This species is normally cultivated in regions of Northern and Southern hemispheres.   

It is found to be widely cultivated within the regions of Persia(Iran) and China. China is the largest producer of peach which is proven by statistics that they alone produces approx. 62% of the world’s peach. 


Note (IQ):

Peach fruit is also considered as a stone fruit of agricultural relevance due to its economic value as well as its health benefits.

These fruit species are preferred for humid conditions as they are extreme humid tolerable species. 

Scientific name: Prunus persica 


Climatic Conditions (Preferences)

Peach fruit grows best within a temperate climate. Generally, tropical and subtropical regions are not preferred except at high altitudes. This species requires certain cooling hours for its proper growth but is advised to keep away from hard frost.  Growing peach in late winter or early spring is believed to provide with mind-blowing results.


Be careful on: Peace fruit should be evenly moist in its first year. It is to remember that excessive wetness can create fungal diseases in Peach trees.


Specialties of Peach Trees 

1. Peach fruit trees can grow up to 6.5 meters in height.

2. Pruning is needed for Peach fruit trees during cultivation.

3. It owns a gland at its bases that secrete a fluid due to which ants and other insects are attracted.

4. Ripen peach fruit can be determined from the outer skin of its fruits. Generally, their skin turns into red, fuzzy or downy when ripen.

5. The stems, leaves, and seeds of Peach trees contain cyanide which can be toxic to humans and animals so be careful for livestock.


Recommended variety

“Redhaven” is the most common and recommended variety of peach plants to grow.


Best Recommended Planting Technique

Planting a peach tree takes a lot of patience as it might take up to 3 months to germinate or sprout. But, for early results just try to follow these tips which will definitely works best:

1. Grab some peach pits and crack them open to get to the seed inside.

peach seeds inside hard shell

2. Soak the seed overnight in lukewarm water.

peach seeds inside plastic cups

3. Prepare soil by mixing vermi-compost in a jar. Put the seed inside moist soil and then in refrigerator. But be aware not to make soil moldy in the name of moist.

4. The germination process can take long weeks to months, but don’t lose hope and check biweekly.

5. If seed(s) do sprout, that means they are ready to be transplanted onto the field or into a pot.


Transplanting Peach Seed

At the early stages, the seeds can be transplanted into a pot and later transferred onto the real field. Just make sure to plant the seeds with the root facing down inwards. Check if the soil passes the below requirements.



A) Soil Type

– Make sure the soil is well-drained loamy soil. The ph of the soil must be 6 to 6.5 for the optimal growth of the peach tree.

– Normal soil with cocopeat, peat moss and perlite can be highly beneficial for plants’ growth.

peach seeds in peatmoss, perlite and cocopeat


B) Location

– Always plant the peach seeds at the location receiving maximum sunlight. Peach grown in shade are vulnerable to pests and diseases making it much harder to maintain on top of already hard and long beginnings. 


C) Planting Steps

– Dig a hole that is 2x (2 times) larger than the original root base. This is to make the roots grow properly underground.

– Now finally plant the seed with the root facing down into the hole. Cover the seed loosely with the soil and spray some water.

– Be aware on overwatering; for this just check the soil by tip of your finger pressing onto the soil.


D) Pruning

The peach trees must be pruned yearly to prevent the trees from getting weak, making them less vulnerable to pests and diseases whilst also increasing fruit yield.


E) Pests and Diseases

The peach trees are sensitive to fungus, and some insects. During early stages they are vulnerable to diseases if grown in shady areas with less sun.


Probable reason why your peach might have stop growing?

– Your rootstock might not be healthy enough.

– There is not enough space for your tree root to spread further due to compaction of trees.

– Plantation of wrong varieties of trees according to location, climate and temperature.


Why your pear bear poor quality fruits or even don’t bear fruits?

– Poor quality fruits might be due to dying off of scion or upper part of tree graft.

– Overfertilization, reckless pruning, low temperature, lack of chilling hours and other climatic factors.


Why your seeds are not germinating?

– Overuse of vermi-compost and cocopeat.

– Use of warm water to soak seeds.

– Soil with poor drainage.

– Use of low quality seeds from low quality fruits.


Health Benefits

  • Peach fruits are packed with Nutrients and Antioxidants.
  • Peach helps to improve digestion.
  • Improved Heart health.
  • It is recommended as a medicine for various skin diseases.
  • Peach fruits can prevent humans from certain types of cancer.
  • Consumption of Peach fruit can reduce Allergy symptoms.
  • It can boost the immunity of human beings.


Nutritional Value

              150 grams of Peach contains
Title value
Calories 58
Protein 1 gram
Fat Less than 1 gram
Carbs 14 grams
Fiber 2 grams
Vitamin C 17% of daily value
Vitamin A 10% of daily value
Potassium 8% of daily value
Vitamin E 5% of daily value
Vitamin K 5% of daily value
Copper 5% of daily value
Manganese 5% of daily value
Interesting Fun Facts

1. National Peach Month is celebrated in August.

2. A large peach contains less than 70 calories.

3. Overall, there are more than 2000 varieties of Peach.

4. China produces 62% of the world’s peaches.

5. Georgia is considered the “peach state” because it produces many peaches.

6. Peaches are considered the fruit of calmness in Hungary.


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