How to make Aloe Vera hand sanitizer and grow Aloe Vera at home

Do you know that aloe vera gel possesses around 75 different vitamins? It is definitely a great ayurvedic plant to keep at home.

Concerns about the spread of Coronavirus have increased demand for hand sanitizer to the point that people are considering making it at home. Let’s know about how to make Aloe vera hand sanitizer at home.


Barbados or Curacao Aloe commonly known as Aloe Vera is a plant species that is used as herbal medicine. Aloe vera originated from the Arabian Peninsula. Aloe vera is found to be grown in tropical, sub-tropical and arid climates. It is best known for agriculture and medical benefits as well as it can be used for decorative purposes. Generally Aloe vera grows naturally in dry, tropical climates in Africa, Asia and Europe and the southern part of America. There are several names provided to Aloe Vera such as “the wand of heaven”, ”heaven’s blessing” and ” the silent healer”.

aloe vera


Climatic Conditions

Aloe vera is a desert plant, thus it can be grown in hot temperatures. It can’t however tolerate cold temperatures. The Aloe Vera plants are hardy to zones 10 and 11 i.e. the plant can withstand the minimum temperature of 4.4℃ to 10℃ (40℉ to 50℉).  All southern US states have the perfect climatic conditions for growing Aloe Vera plants. Frost and extremely cold can cause extreme harm to plants sometime leading to death of plant as well. 



  • Aloe vera is sometimes characterized as cactus.
  • Aloe vera plant usually grows without a stem or has a very short stem.
  • It has a shallow but wide root system.
  • Gel and latex are two substances gained from Aloe vera which can be used to produce commercial products.
  • Aloe vera gel can also be used as an ingredient in yogurts, beverages, and some desserts.


Soil Type

A typical garden soil is good enough for Aloe Vera to grow. Infrequent watering can help the plant as watering often tends to have adverse effects on the plant, it can cause rot which is not a good sign. This is so because desert plants can hold enough water on their own both in the summer and even in the cold seasons. Aloe vera plant grows and thrives to its best on dry sandy soil. 



A mix of garden soil and compost is necessary for the healthy growth process of aloe vera plants.People also grow in peat moss pear light mixture or coco peat or even clay mixed with sand 50% is also not bad to grow this plant. Basically in all kind of soil we can grow this plant. 



Aloe Vera Planting Technique

Aloe vera can be grown form the seeds but that take huge time and effort. 

Best recommended way to grow aloe vera is from success or the young aloe plants. 

Collect a few young Aloe vera plants. Aloe vera can grow in a pot and doesn’t take much space at all. You can plant a couple of them in a single pot.
   young aloe vera plant

Now take a pot with a hole in the bottom for drainage, put a soil stopper partially covering the draining hole and fill the pot with garden soil mixed with compost.
pot with a hole at the bottom blocking the hole with a small rock      soil mixed with compost

Now plant a couple of aloe vera. Don’t forget to water them afterward. Maintaining moist soil is important and also remember over watering is bad. planting aloevera

Excess of watering may cause root rot. So water them when the they seems little dry at the top of the pot. watering aloe vera

After 3 months, check if their leaves are thick or not, if they are, that means they are full of aloe vera goodness.

aloe vera after a month     aloe vera after 2 months



Extracting juice from aloe vera leaves

The most important slice is in the middle. To extract juice, follow the steps below
1. Peel off the top and side thorn of the leaf, and peel of the middle with a sharp knife or scratch with a spoon. extracting aloe blob
2. Pour water and finally grind it.  Aloe juice is little bit bitter in taste so if you want to add flavor, you can do that. to make it more ferreting juice. it is considered very healthy.


3. The peeled off tops don’t go to waste as well as they can be applied on the skin to keep your skin protected against the heat.


Aloe Vera Hand Sanitizer

aloe vera gelhand-sanitizer

Image from Pixabay


Do you know you can create your own hand sanitizer with aloe vera gel inside your home?

CAUTION: ‘Home made hand sanitizers’ should always be your last resort because even usual manufactured hand sanitizers aren’t as good as frequent hand washing with soap unto 20 second. 


To make homemade hand sanitizers make sure you have the following ingredients first.

  1. Aloe Vera Gel or a leaf of aloe vera which you can easily find in groceries. 
  2. Rubbing Alcohol 99.9% is better  if you don’t have it above 70% is considered good to make sanitizer. Lower percentage isn’t considered very effective.
  3. Lemon Juice (optional)
  4. An empty bottle to keep the sanitizer .



  1. Extract aloe vera gel from the leaves of the aloe vera plant gently and grind it in mixture. 
  2. Mix two-thirds rubbing alcohol with one-third aloe vera gel.
  3. Finally at least drop a minimum of ten drops of lemon juice or any oil fragrance (optional).
  4. Mix the solution well and pour it inside a spray bottle. 
  5. The homemade sanitizer is ready, its that simple and quick. 


Aloe vera gel Health Benefits

1. Helps in digestion of food,  lose weight
4. Reduces cholesterol level
5. Removes toxin from the body
6. Strengthens immune system
7. Maintains your blood pressure
8. Stabilizes your blood sugar level


Aloe vera and your skin

Aloe vera is not only good for your body but has immediate effects on your skin. Consistent use of aloe can give following benefits. 
1. It can reduce stretch marks.
2. Remove wrinkles
3. It can also be used as a moisturizer by keeping your skin hydrated all the time.


Nutritional Facts

  • Aloe vera contains various vitamins A, C, E and B12.
  • It is enriched with different 8 enzymes.
  • Aloe vera provides calcium, copper, zinc, potassium and sodium.
  • Aloe vera also provides glucose and fructose.
  • Laxatives i.e antivirals & antibacterials are constituents of Aloe vera gel.
  • It provides different fatty and amino acids essential for the human body.


Interesting Fun Facts

  • Egypt’s Queen Cleopatra use to apply aloe vera gel to her body as part for enrichment of her beauty.
  • Aloe vera is considered a family member of the lily plant.
  • Aloe vera can live and even bloom without soil.
  • During the ancient period, It is used as a medicine to treat wounds and burns.
  • Aloe vera can help with speeding up hair growth as well as it can reduce hair dandruff.
  • It can survive for more than 100 years in a wild environment.


Please check the following video for growing Aloe vera plant at home:



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