Poinsettia Flower

Poinsettia Flower

Holy Flower



  • Native to Mexico, where they can grow up to 16ft tall.
  • Perennial plant which can live uptown many years
  • It should be watered once in 2 days, do not over water them because the roots will decay.
  • Don’t use any chemical just use compost only that will be better for the plants.
  • Plant survives very well and give more number of blooms in 15 – 20 degrees’ Celsius temperature and also need good moisture for better growth.
  • The plant will die in extreme temperatures.
  • 4 hours of day light is enough for the plants to grow in a healthy environment.
  • The plant need very much of moisture – semi cool and total humid air.
  • Do not water from above because the leaves can get decayed or they can get some disease. Just water them from the base of the plant.



  • To propagate Summer months are best. For that cut of the stems having length up to 6-8 inches and just dip them in some good soil like coco peat, peat moss or you can even use the normal garden soil with little of compost.
  • After transplanting the stem cuttings in 2-3 months they will become transposable



  • Don’t remove much of the soil because the plant will go in shock and all the leaves will fall down
  • Latex (A kind of milky liquid come out of branch when the stem is cut off) – its highly poisonous and it may cause skin or eyes allergy so one need to be extra careful while handling the branch.



  • Pruning is done once when all the leaves including the flowers fall off the plants.
  • While pruning cut of all the branches leaving some 4-6 inches of stems of the mother plant.
  • This will help the old plant to grow new branches in the summer heat. That will yield beautiful flowers in Christmas time.
  • The cutoff branches can be used to make number of new plants as the steps are shown above and in the video too.


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