Tomato plant and how to grow it at your home?

Tomatoes are great anti aging and low calorie fruit. They are full of antioxidants including vitamin C. Since tomatoes has these benefits lets learn how to grow them.


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The tomato is a major vegetable crop that is widely popular over the last century. Tomato is a healthful plant that is enriched with a lot of flavors as well as dietary fiber, vitamin C, manganese, minerals, and some antioxidants. Tomatoes originate as well as are found mostly in South America and Central America. They are commonly eaten raw as salads or can be served as a cooked vegetable as well as can be used as an ingredient of various prepared dishes, and pickled. Tomatoes are grown all over the world for commercial purposes. Production and Consumption of tomatoes have grown rapidly over the past 25 years.

tomatoes growing 

Climatic Conditions

Tomatoes grow to their full potential in temperate climates. This plant requires warm weather and a huge amount of sunlight. Light intensity should be managed properly during the plantation of tomatoes. It requires various climatic conditions for seed germination, seedling growth, flowers, and fruits set. This plant requires low to medium rainfall or irrigation. Flowers and fruits can be damaged by frost or snow. Mean temperatures between 16 degrees and 27 degrees Celsius should be maintained.


  • Tomato plants can grow up to a height of 3 meters.
  • Generally, these plants have weak stems due to which they need support to grow well.
  • The width of the tomato varies with a range of 1-10 cm.
  • Tomato vines are covered with fine short hairs which facilitate the vining process.
  • Leaves of this plant can be up to 18 inches long.
  • They are usually found to be red, green, yellow in color.

Planting Techniques

Traditional Way

Split a tomato in half to uncover the seeds inside. Fill the cup half with garden soil and compost.

tomato split in halvestomato soil composition

Spread the seeds into the cup and cover it. Add some water, plastic wrap the top, and poke some holes on the plastic for maximum airflow.

sprinkling tomato seedsplastic wrapping the cup

Tomato plants need to stay hydrated all the time, so don’t forget to water them every single day and make sure to place them where they receive a large amount of sunlight.

Caution: Overwatering can also rot the plant

After day 11, remove the plastic and water the plants when they seem dry.

tomato plant, day 11

Round after 23 days,  progress…

tomato plant, day 23

After a month, these plants are now ready to be transplanted onto your field.

Remove the plant from the cup, and split the small tomato plants apart slowly. This process should be done as delicately as possible, these plants are very soft and fragile.

healthy tomato plant roots

Dig a small hole, plant the small tomato plants. Add some compost and cover the soil around with leaves so the soil dries at a slow rate.

transplanting tomato plantadding compost and covering the plant with leaves

After 50 days, loosen up the soil. This makes sure that the tomato plant roots can grow deep and strong.

loosening up the soil

Round after 2 months, progress…

tomatoes growing after 2 months - II tomatoes growing after 2 months - I

After day 75, add more compost around the roots and cover it with soil.

adding more and compost and covering it with soil

Round after 3 months, progress…

tomato plants, day 90


Growing tomatoes in a container

Get a pot and fill it almost full with perlite and soil composition

perlite, garden soil composition for growing tomato plant

Grab some tomato seeds, and sprinkle them into the pot. Add some water onto it as well.

sprinkling tomato seeds spraying water

Plastic wrap the pot, so the soil can keep its moisture. Tomatoes need a lot of water, so they need to be hydrated every other day.

plastic wrapping the pot

After 9 days, progress…

tomato plant, day 9

After 18 days, progress…

tomato plant, day 18

After 25 days, they are now ready to be transplanted. Grab a much larger pot, you can also use soda bottles as well for growing the tomatoes. Larger the container the better for better tomato yield. Plant the tomatoes and fill the container with a healthy amount of water. At early stages, place them where the sunlight hits it partially. Finally, they can be placed where it receives full sunlight. Keep the plants moist as possible.

containers for transplanting tomato plants adding healthy amount of water

Round after 2 months, progress…

tomato plants, day 60

Round after 3 months, progress…

pruning fully grown tomato plants

After the plants have grown fully, and lean a bit add some support. Also don’t forget to prune the leaves, so they can grow much more healthy.

Growth Strategies

  1. Keep tomato plants in the shade for a couple of days after transplanting them. Placing them directly in the sunlight can cause harm to the plant. Keeping them in the shade can help them grow healthier and adapt to the sunlight effectively.
  2. Water tomato plants every other day. Excessive water can stay over the soil, to keep it moist.
  3. When tomato plants grow taller, better add support structure when they begin leaning on either side. It also increases the longevity of the yield.
  4. Shake the flowers of the plant, in case the insects don’t pollinate
  5. Add organic fertilizer for the first 18-20 days.


Health Benefits

  •  Tomatoes are a great source of vitamin C, potassium, and antioxidants.
  • Tomato contains acid that helps in reducing and clearing ache.
  • Fresh tomatoes are less in carbs.
  • Different heart-related diseases can be prevented with the usage of tomatoes.
  • Cancer can be prevented with the consumption of tomatoes.
  • This plant is considered highly beneficial for skin health.


Nutritional Facts ( a small 100 gm tomato contains)

  • Calories: 18
  • Water: 95%
  • Protein: 0.9 grams
  • Carbs: 3.9 grams
  • Sugar: 2.6 grams
  • Fiber: 1.2 grams
  • Fat: 0.2 grams


Interesting Fun Facts

  • Tomato is considered the most popular fruit throughout the world.
  • They are scientifically proved as a species of fruit not vegetables.
  • Around 60 million tons of tomatoes are produced per year.
  • There is a festival of tomatoes celebrated in Spain each year.
  • The weight of the largest tomato to be ever found was 3.5 kilos.
  • Overall, there are more than 10000 varieties of tomatoes found in this world.
  • 94.5% of the weight of a typical tomato is nothing but water and rest 5.5% is vitamins and minerals.


Please check the following video for growing Aloe vera plant at home:













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