Watermelon quick facts.

  • Watermelon is one of the healthiest fruits with multiple benefits.
  • 1200 varieties of watermelons are found in the world.
  • Eating watermelons daily will improve your heart and bone health.
  • Watermelons are 92% water only with a quite nutritious seeds. Its seed contains high level of magnesium, zinc and protein.
  • Watermelon belongs to pumpkin family i.e. cucurbit family. It is considered as a vegetable (Wolford, 2004).

  • Dry season with hot, sunny weather and deep or rich soil is best preferred by watermelons.
  • Grown from seeds of open-pollinated heirloom variety. Soil should be at least 18°C for germination.
  • If you have heavy clay soil; raise your bed.


  • Have male and female flowers on the same vine.
  • Female flowers are larger with tiny melon at the beginning of flowering too.
  • Initial greenish patch at bottom of the fruit turns into yellowish on maturation.
  • Other way to know about watermelon maturation is knocking down with hand. Unripe melons have higher pitcher sound.

  • Use nitrogen-based fertilizers at the beginning of germination.
  • After flowering apply phosphorous and potassium-based fertilizers for optimal melon production.
  • 280 gram of watermelon gives about 80 calories.

Health benefits

  1. Lycopene compounds found in watermelon- lower risk of heart diseases.
  2. Reduce aortic stiffness found in older woman with menopause.
  3. Arginine compound helps to improve blood flow.
  4. Keep you hydrated.
  5. Contains fiber-improves digestive system.
  6. Skin and hair benefits.
  7. Cancer prevention through antioxidants.


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