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-for Visitors

  • Welcome to learn agro. The content in the website is for everyone but must go through terms and conditions to be on safe side.
  • The information and opinions express in this website represent the views of the team Learnagro. Viewers trying the content and the ideas on the website are at their own risk and team Learnagro take any responsibilities.
  • The content in the website is for general information and use only which can be subjected to change any time without notice.
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  • All kind of comments, suggestions are welcomed but vulgarism and abuse are strictly prohibited.
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  • Only the part of the content can be copied for educational purpose but using commercially the consent of team Learnagro must be taken and credit should be mentioned in the document.
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  • Personal information shared with team Learnagro will be kept confidential and will not be shared with any third parties.
  • Person or entities violating the terms and conditions of this website will be dealt to the US laws.



  • Article written should completely indigenous, not copied form any sources.
  • The article will be used by the team Learnagro only and the article should not be presented or sold to third parties for any kind of purposes otherwise the writer will be held responsible legally and the employment will be terminated.
    Article will be paid once by the team learnagro and there won’t be any royalty or any kind of further payment for same article in further.
  • Payment will be sent once the article has been approved by the team Learnagro. Unapproved article won’t receive any payment.
  • Payments will be increased for the writers as decided by team learnagro in certain time as per the performance of article.
    The information should be collected from multiple sources and should be written in writers own way and it should not look like it’s copied.
  • If article brings any kind of copyright issues now or in future, the writer will be held entirely responsible for all the charges to the writer including the website charges too. The contract will be immediately void when copyright is found.
  • Any type of issues should be escalated to team Learnagro or before doing any legal activates of any kind an approval should be taken form team Learnagro.
  • If the article performs poorly or brings negative results to the website upon the team learnagro decision the employment will be terminated.
  • Terms and conditions may subject to change in future without notice.
  • The terms and condition paper and a government legal unexpired ID copy (both can be scanned or snapped from mobile phone after a signature in both papers) will be sent to the team learnagro by email which will act as a valid legal paper for any activity for the Learnagro website purpose.
  • By signing the terms and conditions I agreed on above terms and conditions fully.

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-for Photographers

  • Photos contributed to team Learnagro are entirely free, no royalty will be asked now and any time in future.
  • Photos will be displayed at appropriate location on the website decide by the team Learnagro.
  • Images contribute to team Learnagro are only created by the photographer and are not copied or extracted from any source. If found guilty of image copyright the photo contributor will be held responsible for all the charges to him including the website according to the existing US laws.

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