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Terms and conditions for Visitors  – please read it carefully before taking any actions

  • Coming into this website means visitor are completely agreeing the terms and conditions of this website to the fullest without any excuse. 
  • If any of the article or paragraph of article or images are found to violate the copyright we request the visitors please let us know (learnagro@gmail.com) we will immediately take action on the article. Actions taken would be
    • Removal of article
    • Termination of author employment
  • The content in the website are self created or collected from different sources. Team Learnagro expertises are working all the time to remove any copyright issue in the website but some time we might lag behind. If any person found any copyright issue please tell us immediately. 
  • We won’t take any responsibility if any legal action is taken against our website in any condition. Visitor found any issue with our website, it should be escalated to executive team by learnagro@gmail.com and the executive team will take the action as soon as possible and get back to you. 
  • The information and opinions express in this website represent the views of the independent authors came under Learnagro.
  • Viewers trying the content and the ideas on the website are at their own risk and team Learnagro won’t take any responsibilities. 
  • The content in the website is for general information. Please use the content information wisely. Learnagro doesn’t take any responsibility if anything happens to the website visitor in application of the information used.  
  • All kind of comments, suggestions are welcomed but vulgarism and abuse are strictly prohibited and might be taken action against them.  
  • Any kind of dissatisfaction should be brought into team Learnagro attention by email for prompt action. 
  • Only the part of the content can be copied for educational purpose but using commercially the consent of team Learnagro must be taken and credit should be mentioned  wherever the article is used. 
  • Contact us for more queries. 
  • Person or entities violating the terms and conditions of this website will be dealt to the US laws to the full extent. 
  • Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice visitors must keep this thing in mind clearly without doubt.


Terms and conditions for Writers  

  • Article written should completely indigenous, not copied form any sources. 
  • The article will be used by the team Learnagro only and the article should not be presented or sold to third parties for any kind of purposes.  
  • Payment for the article will be for one time and no further royalty will be added in future.  
  • Payment is done on last friday of the month as far as possible. 
  • Payments will be increased every ½ year for the writers and increment will be decided by the team Learnagro based on the performance of the articles of the writers. 
  • The information should be collected from multiple sources and should be written in writers own way and it should not look like its copied 
  • If article brings any kind of copyright issues now or in future, the writer will be held entirely responsible for all the charges to the writer including the website charges too. The contract will be immediately void when copyright is found.  
  • By signing the terms and conditions writer have the authority mentioned above. 
  • Any type of issues should be escalated to team Learnagro and before doing any legal activites of any kind related with the team Learnagro, approval need to be taken form team Learnagro. 
  • Terms and conditions may subject to change in future writer need to stay updated. 


Terms and conditions for Photographers 

  • Photos contributed to team Learnagro are entirely free, no royalty will be asked now and any time in future. 
  • Photos will be displayed at appropriate location on the website decide by the team Learnagro. 
  • Images contribute to team Learnagro are only created by the photographer and are not copied or extracted from any source. If found guilty of image copyright the photo contributor will be held responsible for all the charges to him including the website according to the existing US laws. 



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