Chinese Money Plant: Pilea Perperomioides Growing Guides

Growing houseplants have become one of the best activity for the people. Due to the Covid-19, people are more concerned about natural things. The plant is one of the best nature to get into. Seeing them growing brings happiness and encouragement in people’s lives. 

Are you searching for the same plant and eager to learn how to propagate money plant? Then, there you go. 

Having the houseplants like the Chinese Money plant also known as Pilea Peperomioides brings inevitable happiness into your lives.

Let’s learn how to care Pilea peperomioides and propagate these money plant so that they provide satisfactory results.




Pilea peperomioides are a common and popular houseplant. Most people love and get attracted to this plant because of its attractive coin-shaped foliage. It is a perennial flower plant that falls under the nettle family (Urticaceae) native to Southern China. 

Botanical Name Pilea peperomioides
Common Name Chinese money plant, UFO plant, coin plant
Plant Type Evergreen perennial
Mature Size 12-inches tall
Sun Exposure Bright indirect light
Soil Type Well-drained, rich
Soil pH 6.0 – 7.0
Flower Color White
Bloom Time Spring
Native Area China


Care Guide 

Most people don’t know that this plant is surprisingly very easy to care for. Pilea Pepermioides is a small houseplant that grows about 12-inch height. The color of the leaves is dark green and leathery with lighter green undersides. 

Pilea Pepermioides need bright medium light, regular watering and little compost addition fertilizer which are explained in detail below. They are easy to propagate and their healthy ones will produce many offshoots that can be separated easily and propagated further too.

So, once you have this plant, you can sell the offshoots or can gift them to closed ones. Its another way of gaining benefit from this plant as its name suggests. 




1. Light: It prefers bright light for its proper propagation and development although they can even thrive in low to medium light (indirect light). To make your plant more symmetrical you could rotate the pot regularly in the direction of bright indirect sunlight. Always select the location of the plant with full indirect sunlight. But, be careful not to keep them in harsh, direct sun that may burn the delicate leaves. 

2. Soil: Money plant needs rich well-drained soil. For healthy plants that grow large number of offshoots you could mix your soil with compost manure or coir-peat prepared at your home so that it generate the results as expected. It is needed to maintain pH value between  6.0-7.0 for the best growth and development of this plant. 

3. Water: This plant is an evergreen perennial plant so, it requires a medium amount of water. Keep them neither dry nor too watery which could be checked by dipping finger in your pot. The leaves of this plant will begin to droop if it’s kept dry and plants may die out if it is over-watered. In addition to it, filtered or distilled water to prevent the leaves from browning or from getting the pores as it is very sensitive.

4. Temperature and Humidity: They can be adjusted in a fine temperature and humidity. Avoid them in dry conditions. They prefer and grows best in 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit with around 50% humidity. 

5. Fertilizer: Apply a weak liquid fertilizer or all purpose 20-20-20 fertilizer every two weeks for the best results. It must be done in conjunction with the watering to avoid the burning of the leaves and the roots of the plants. Nitrogen deficit is common in this plant so you can also use little amount of nitrogen or amino-acid fertilizer.


Potting guides

Pilea Pepermioides is a fast-growing plant that filled the pots with roots and offshoots. Always repotting in the early spring or in the summer months is recommended to refresh the soil. 

If you want to earn money or want to gift someone, remove the offshoots time and again, and upgrade the pot. 

While buying a pot for a Chinese money plant, remember to have a proper drainage hole. Plants get more adjusted to plastic, ceramic, and terracotta pots so you could choose one of them. 

If you have chosen a terracotta pot, make sure you must water more than others because terracotta pots absorb water from the soil.


 Pilea Pepermioides Propagation (How to propagate money plant?)

As its names suggest, it’s a sharing plant. Once it is grown healthier, it will grow offshoots. These offshoots grow up from the root system. The offshoots can be cut off and transfer to another pot for another money pant. 

Once the offshoots are raised a couple of inches, then it is safe to separate them from the mother plant. If you want to make it with a fuller, bushier look, then it’s okay to keep those offshoots on the mother plant. 


Separation process

If you wish to separate an offshoot from the roots of the plant then-

1. Gently dig around in the soil to expose the roots of the offshoots.

2. Cut the main root i.e. appropriately an inch with a clean knife or pruning shears.

3. Separate the cutting into moist soil in a separate container pot.

4. Keep the soil moist while planting the new plant until the new plant established a new root system. 

5. Do regularly watering and follow the fertilization schedule. 


Common Pests and Diseases

These money plants are not prone to any particular pests or diseases. But, when it is grown indoors, it is common to have different common houseplant pests. Always keep away from mealybugs, spider mites, scale, fungus gnats by spraying fungicides available in your nearby places. 


Frequently asked questions

1. What are the benefits people get from the money plant?

Money plants are natural air purifiers. It absorbs and neutralized the harmful radiation of electronic gadgets. People can separate the offshoots and can sell them to others, a gift to others. 


2. Why money plant is known as the money plant?

There is no specific reason for calling a money plant. But, it is believed that this plant brings luck and prosperity to the house, and you will never be short of money. 


3. Where do Chinese Money plants available?

People also can buy money plant online and offline. If people prefer to buy online then, visit –  Amazon, Floweraura, Garden Goods Direct.


I hope this article brings a sweet smile on a face to bring this Chinese Money plant to houses/offices. Let us encourage one another to take the advantage of this plant and spread the joy and fragrance in our lives.

Stay tuned for more inspiring articles. Don’t forget to give feedback and suggestions in the comment section below.

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