Multiply Strawberries Plants

Multiply Strawberry  Plant

This method is used by the commercial growers and the technique is the same. You can watch video or you can read the text.

To multiply your strawberries it very simple. Just get hold of some strawberries plant form some agro shop and plant them in your garden.








After a couple of month you will find number of runner plants coming out of the mother plants. Out a single mother plant more than 6 plants can be extracted.








The simple way is by placing the runner in the separates cups or you can cut the runners and plan them in separate places. But before cutting one should always remember that there should be roots visible among the runner plants.








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    1. The best place is amazon at your location. Try checking some agro stores around you. Let us know for more questions.

  1. A very interesting article. I thought they were part of pilea peperomioids. These nasturtium grow like weeds where I live in southern part of South Africa. The only problems are snails. They are hardy and face drought conditions well. We don’t get frost. I love them xx

    1. Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it. Please be with us and help us share with your friends and family.

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