Dates and Growing dates palm at home.

Learning about dates

how to have dates palm plant at home.


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Interesting Fun Facts

  • If you take a single date very day we don’t need vitamin supplements and can feel noticeable increased energy level because of it nutrients content.
  • Dates existed over 50 millions years ago just after the extinction of dinosaurs. 
  • Four million tons of Date palms are grown annually within the whole world.
  • Very few people can get allergic to this fruit.
  • Date palm trees need plenty of water to produce best quality fruits.
  • Date palm is taken as a national symbol for countries like Israel and Saudi Arabia.
  • Over 200 varieties, some of common varieties of dates are medjool dates, Khalasah, Ajwah, Rotab.




Phoenix Dactylifera or commonly known as Date Palm is one of the major foods in areas of North America, Africa, and the Middle East, it plays an important role in the economy as well as the social life of these warmer regions. It is claimed that Date Palm originated from the region between Egypt and Mesopotamia. People now days have started to keep these plants as house plants. We can salo grow them at home. Below show is the process how I have grown at home.


Climatic Conditions

Date Palms generally need a warm climate to grow and fruit. Some of the other criteria’s are as follows:

  • The Temperature of the location should be at least above -6°C (or 20°F) to 35°C. Some of the varieties do grow at lower temperatures, however, they barely bear fruits (dates).
  • Pollination generally needs a temperature of 35°C (95°F).
  • Dates are hand pollinated for commercial purposes.

Soil type and fertilizer usage 

  • They can grow in sand or clay soil.
  • Manure compost makes an amazing fertilizer for date palms.
  • Fertilizer with high potassium is also beneficial for planting these trees 

Planting Technique

Wrapped in tissue paper (Paper towel method)


  • If the seeds are from fresh fruit use paper towel method. That gives the result faster.
  • Clean the dates seeds well.
  • Cleaning seeds
  • Keep the seeds in wet paper towel or napkin pare.
  • Now put them in ziplock bag or plastic to lock moisture.
  • Put them in warm location for faster growth.
  • Wait till the seed sprouts. (Advice check them every 2 days)
  • 1 Months later, Rooted seeds
  • When the seed sprouts, you can plant it in a pot – and it is necessary to keep them hydrated much as possible.   

3 Months later

 Sprouted Dates Plants


Seed still attached to the plant

 Roots popping out of pot, need big space

Planting Strategies

  • For better results, spring and fall seasons are considered the best for planting date palms.
  • Soil should have essential nutrients for the plant and be free from calcium carbonate. 
  • Fruits need warm, hot and dry nights.
  • Try to plant them on fully sunlit regions with soils that allow water to drain at a moderate rate. 

5 Months Date plants, one leaf came out


A Year Old Date palm, multiple leaves & bigger plant

  • They need to be watered regularly, or have access to good irrigation.
  • Bayoud is considered a major disease for these plants.

Health benefits 

  • Dates provide a wide range of nutrients that are essential for human body development.
  • They can be considered as a source of antioxidants.
  • Dates helps in balancing blood sugar level.
  • It helps for reducing blood pressure in the human body.
  • Dates act as a brain booster as well as it can maintain bone mass.
  • Dates help in giving instant energy. 


  • Dates grow in small clusters on Date Palms.
  • It is very high in natural sugar.
  • They can be dried, so they can last for a longer time provided that they are sealed properly.
  • Dates can compensate for sugar, chocolates and other sweet food items.
  • They can grow up to 120 ft. 
  • Dates’ color can vary in range from bright red to bright yellow.


Nutritional content in one average sized medjool Date

Calories – 55

Total Fat – 0 Gram

Total Carbohydrate  – 5.3 Gram 

Dietary fibers – 0.6 Gram

Sugar – 16 Grams

Protein – 0.2 Gram

Vitamine B-6 – 0.012 Miligram

Iron – 0.07 Gram

#Multiple sources

Check video for growing the dates palm at home.

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